Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Hot Basket

Another weekend almost finished, except here in the Northern Territory, we are lucky that it is a long weekend, so we get tomorrow off too! It's the last long weekend before Christmas, so it's all work and not much play time now we are into the second half the year!

And of course, this weekend was the local guild's exhibition, it was lovely seeing everyone's quilts. As I work, I often don't see the quilts that the ladies are making, as I can't get to group sewing days, so it's fun to see the type of work that everyone does.

As some of you would have seen over the last month or two I have plugging away at quilting my Red Hot Basket quilt for the exhibiton, it's not so big at 50"x50", and I have been making it for about two years, on and off, of course.

The creation started about two years ago when I first read Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran's book Collaborative Quilting...the book encourages us quilters to break the rules in order to promote creativity. Spend less time on making our points pointier, and more time having good ideas! What a revelation!!

First the little houses were made, then the churn dashes, and nine patches, and then I thought "So what I do now?" So into the cupboard it went for some "stewing" time...and by then Gwen and Freddy 2nd book, Collaborate Again, had arrived in my bookshelf...and the basket, the flying geese, and the little half square triangle sashing were born....I was still thinking I am not sure were this is back in the cupboard it wasn't until this year I decided it was time to finish out it came, it was spread out all over the design wall, the floor, the lounge, until eventually it emerged fully formed!

So if you are looking for a way to have some fun with your fabrics, that makes use of all those great creative ideas you have, my recommended reading list is:

  1. Collaborative Quilting by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran
  2. Collaborate Again by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran
  3. Liberated Quiltmaking II Gwen Marston
  4. Last but not least House by Freddy Moran....I have always loved Freddy Moran's quilts...she treats red as a neutral colour...which means all her quilts are electrifyingly bright!

Have fun creating!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Released from Quilting Jail!

It feels good to be out....but what to do next???

My achievements since my last blog...three quilts bound, threads buried, and hanging sleeves stitched down and quilts delivered this morning! The exhibition is this weekend.

These are my lovely quilts that I will blog about over the next week...

                           1. Red Hot Basket, 2. Pam Holland Christmas Beetle, 3. Pink Blooms

One eleven year old birthday party arranged and enjoyed....

Bouquets arranged for the bride and bridemaids (no I am not a florist!)

These were some of the flowers I used, my daughter had played around on my phone and downloaded the Colour Effects app onto my iphone...I love this monochromatic background...note the patchwork books on bookcase!!

And of course one sister married and happy!

Here we are, just before we went to the church, Jess is wearing my veil, which a friend bought for me from an antique shop in the U.K. 23 years ago...I am not sure how old it is, it looked lovely on the day...I got to be a "matron of honour" although my sister kindly called me "Best Sister" in the wedding program. She is not normally that much taller than me, I am in flats...check out the shoes she wore!

And the Home Sweet Home quilt, has finally gone home, and the giving of it brought on a few tears.

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, but personally very rewarding. I think I might have a few days of reflection before deciding what project to do next....I did get the Farmer's Wife book so I am very tempted to join in on that Quilt-a-long, I also would like to do something with my Japanese + and x blocks, and I still haven't quilted this quilt, which I had planned to put in the exhibition but ran out of time...decisions....decisions...oh yes and there is a bit of housework that probably should be done too...bah humbug ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilting Jail!!

Sigh...sometimes when a commitment has been made, you just got to put on your big girl panties and deliver the goods!

So this week I have been in Quilting Jail,  working on my three quilts that have to be ready for a guild exhibition in two weeks time, and I am very pleased to report that today I have finished all my quilting! (Applause now)

Next, will be a week of Binding Jail....nothing else but binding! I am getting good at it, having just finished my sister's monster "Home Sweet Home" house warming gift...which has now morphed into a wedding present! 412 inches of binding!! (More applause here)

Speaking of my sister's wedding which is now in 11 days (OMG I just had a panic attack!), I was released last weekend from Quilt Jail for three hours to go and make origami hearts...150 origami hearts...(applause and may be a few whistles)...

We did this with my daughter, Mum, the mother in law to be, and one of the was good fun, made nicer by the fabulous Japanese origami if this was fabric my credit card would be in trouble! Wish I could say these were fabric covered paper hexagons!

So what's else is happening? This week, Mum and I are trimming 15 table runners (don't ask), and I am organising the Hen's Party for about 30 (sigh), and my not so little girl turns 11 years old...but the most exciting news is, I have now started two weeks leave, so I think I can keep all the balls in air! And who knows I might even have some fun!

Hope you all have a great week!