Saturday, June 14, 2014

Making Time...

The elusive quest....making time....for family...for fun...for work...for quilting...for blogging...a little bit of everything makes the world go around....finding the balance is hard. I have no silver bullet for that one!

So at the moment I have a lot of time for family and work, and a little bit of time for fun and quilting, and not so much for blogging! But here I am, irregular but present :)

This year I set some quilty goals:

Goal1. Cut back back on fabric purchases...I will give myself 6/10 for this...I went to Adelaide and visited Hettie's Patch...don't judge me...but those beautiful french linens, they had about 20 of them so I was VERY restrained only buying four, and a couple of Kaffe's might have jumped into my basket...

Goal 2. Try to finish more quilts...have kicked a couple of goals will give myself 8/10... this quilt....I machined the binding on the front, Mum hand stitched the binding down for me...Thank you Mum :) It just needs a label and then it can go to it's new home...

And the back was pieced from scraps and Amy Butler Gypsy Caravan yardage that I bought the first time it was in shops!!

and I got these two quilts quilted...yet to be bound!

AND I got a top finished too....but I will blog about that separately!

Goal 3. No new projects..score of 0/10...but after finishing the quilts above...I had to break out....did I also mention I had a goal of no more pink quilts for a while...but it is my colour 0/10 for the pink goal....but aren't those flying geese gorgeous!

4. I also had a goal of one project at a time....that worked for about two another 0/10.

But really as I said at the beginning of the post....a little bit of everything makes the world go around...

A sense of progress :)