Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 at a glance

This year I have had a lot of fun with a lot of different fabrics, I think my favourite thing to work on was the Soul Searching quilt....but boy did I make mess with getting all those fabrics out the cupboard!

My stretch project is definitely Mrs Billings, all those little pieces, and all that hand sewing :)

 but I do enjoy challenging myself with odd fabrics like the Brendan Mably Regency Dapple.

The laugh of the year was this photo of my Crossed Block quilt getting onto Flickr Explore...I had so many nice comments on what a great photo this was...but it really was what I always do....try and find somewhere big enough to hang a quilt.

The adventure of the year was of course my trip to Houston with my mum, but it wasn't all quilts, we managed to do some sight seeing too....yes that is THE Liberty Bell.

Next year is going to be a year of finishes, as the local guild has it's exhibition coming up in September,  I am trying decided which quilt will I quilt to put in the exhibition....or maybe I will do two ;)

In preparation for the "big sew", one of the ladies from the guild is looking to sell her Janome 7700, she has kindly lent it to me for the holidays so I can play on it...moving away from the Bernina is a big decision!

Also I have recently kitted out my sewing space with a new bookshelf which is helping me be a bit more organised, 'cos that's my goal for 2013....ORGANISATION

Yeah it's never going happen...but everyone has to start the New Year with a goal or two, so more organisation is one of mine for 2013 !

So good bye 2012.....and hello 2013...let's make some great quilts in the new year!

 1. Prints Charming scrap pillow, 2. Pink Scraps, 3. Regal Dapple, 4. Block-a-Palooza angle, 5. Orange Sunburst Fun, 6. Purple Soul Searching, 7. Crossed Block quilt, 8. Vintage Holiday....getting there, 9. block 9 Blogger's BOM

Happy New Year :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, the last part of this year has just flown by, particularly since my return from Houston, when you bring home an extra 20 kilos of fabric and books, it takes a while to squeeze everything into the cupboards :)

My favourites things from Houston,  that were the last to go away into the cupboard were these darling dresden plates...I have 20 of these babies...these fabrics are so cute...

Whilst in Houston there were so many stores that sold felt, and I eventually succumbed to these projects.....

I left them out for a while because I thought I might work on them for this Christmas, but alas that didn't  happen...time conspired against usual ! Note gorgeous hand dyed felt!

What I have been working on is a small gift for a friend, I had been playing around with my aboriginal fabrics a little while ago and made this...

 ...and really liked how the colours came together, so I used the scraps to make this little A4 quilt, it will sit flatter once I have finished sewing the binding on.

...the stamps are really fun, I am going to try and use them again.

And of course the "small" project that gets a bit of work from time to time, is my Mrs Billings quilt, it's looking quite smart! Although a little small still :(

And as I have a couple of weeks off soon I am hoping to get some work done it, unless I get side tracked onto something else of course...but the thing I really want to say today is Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely time with your family and friends.