Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Official...No Quilting here

Officially quilting avoidance has commenced, I blogged a couple of weeks ago here that I had finished my scrappy trip top, I have even made up the backing, and pinned the thing....but not a quilting stitch has what have I been doing?

Remember this book....

 and this pattern...

and these little string blocks, well I have finished the 32 string blocks...

And I have made a couple of little basket blocks....

with different baskets....

and then I had this other block I had cut out from before Christmas, so that got sewn together.

Tutorial for this block can be found over at...Bloomin' Workshop. It will be included in a red and white sampler I want make...I am going to include these blocks from the Bloggers BOM...but it's slow boiler...not sure when it will be done  :)

And I also have been doing some hand sewing... I will show you that soon. Saturday, is a day at the guild's club rooms...maybe I will do quilting there....but maybe I won't...sigh...really need to get on with this quilting !

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Inspired to feather...year of the finish

This weekend I am trying to get my sewing space organised for quilting my Scrappy Trip Top, this means putting away piles of fabric, and finishing some half finished my Anna Marie feathers.

I actually made these before christmas...I was inspired by a picture I had seen on Flickr of someone making these feathers with different whites as the background, do you think I can find the photo now? I forgot to mark it as a favourite...grrr...

If you like this pattern check out Molly Flander's blog for lots of colour options...and make sure you spend some time looking at her other posts because she has some lovely ideas.

I have made four blocks so far, and seven more cut ready to should I sew them all before I start quilting? I suspect I may be going into Quilting Avoidance....a condition I suffer from regularly :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrappy trip top done!

My first top for 2013...waa-hoo....very happy with how it's turned out...

Nice colour close up....

and another's very easy to get good photos with lots of light and bright colours :)

What backing should I use?

What shall I do with my scraps?  How come there are still scraps at the end of a scrap project?

Seeing as the scrappy trip block tutorial was done by Bonnie Hunter....I raided my local quilt library (mum's house), and borrowed Bonnie Hunter's latest book....String Fling....Bonnie has quite a few publications, and they all have loads of great scrappy and recycling ideas!

This little block caught my I have found a new scrap project for the scraps!

And of course I had to start "stringing" straight away...on pages from last year's telephone book.

I am making up 32 of these, and 16 of the little basket blocks...will report back on this soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday update - Scrappy Trip Along

WARNING: Colour Overload in this post :)

Since last weekend I have been sewing up a storm, these blocks are so much fun, I was making 16 but I expanded to 24, seeing as there no real shortage of fabric in my scrap boxes!

Of course I was spurred on by the fact I am using a new-to-me sewing machine. I recently bought a second hand Janome Horizon, but of course the machine is only two years old so it is like a brand new one. It's been 25 years since I have sewed on a Janome and I have been enjoying it.

It still is surprising me how all the different fabrics play nice together...

The blocks that had the strongest diagonal row are the ones that have worked the best.

And I just love the yellow in the blocks.

Hope you all had a "sewy" weekend !