Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Tweet!

My quilt for my 12x12 Something from Nothing swap is finished and ready to go far far away

I am loving my quilting on this, it's so easy to quilt something 12" square!

This was quilted with a variegated yellow King Tut quilting thread. I love the colour of the thread, there is something uplifting about using yellow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I digress....

On the weekend, as a break from sewing the BIG quilt top, I just had to go up to the local quilt shop DragonFly Fabrics, well they did have a 20% off sale on, and bought these lovelys...

Brand new aboriginal fabrics from MS Textiles...there was several different colour ways, the green was particularly attractive...I can feel another trip to DragonFly coming on...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's big...really big...UFO Update 3

I have just finished the top of another UFO...its been sitting in the cupboard for two years....and it is such a basic quilt to sew. I think I must have got deterred by the size! It's 103" square, and I have decided to give it to my sister as a house warming present. She moves in to her first home, as a joint owner, with her fiance later in May.

I have used Amy Butler's MidWest Modern fabric range, and based the quilt layout on a pattern in the first Material Obsession book.

Hopefully I will get the back made up soon so I can get the quilt off to Bold Quilting, because we all know how long it takes to bind 412 inches!

The jelly roll quilt is back, and looks great, the binding has been machined on. That quilt was for my niece in Brisbane, and Mum very kindly offered to stitch the binding down for me, but I didn't have time to take a  photo...I will be Brisbane this weekend for my brother's wedding so hopefully I will get a shot of the quilt then.

Hope you all had a great easter...and enjoyed the chocolates!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Its a Girl...quilt

Finally finished the binding on this quilt, its not massive but its big enough at 70 x 70 inches, so plugging away at the binding at night all takes time. Now doesn't this quilt have some zing too it?

I have used Paula Prass's Flora and Fauna range which I love, and a pattern from February 2010 American Patchwork and Quilting - Not quite cubes by Prints Charming.

The main body of the quilt actually came together in a weekend, and then I "pfaffed" about with the borders for a couple of weekends after that, and it has sat in the cupboard for a shameful 12 months + waiting for me to put my daughters initial in the corner...

On the back I have used up a lot of the left over scraps, and bits of pieces from the stash...

and of course a pillow for reading in bed!

And just for fun I am going to enter the pillow into the pillow competition over at Stitched in Color.

Blogger's Pillow Party

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Work Avoidance!

As a distraction from my "UFO Month" I am participating in a swap over at 15 minute play. The idea is to only use scraps and create a 12x12 inch mini quilt by May 16th, and then send this mini quilt to your swap partner. 

My swap partner is way over the big blue sea...can't say which one because it's a secret! So I have dusted off some old scraps.

And I played with the scraps last night and I came up with this ...

Not sure about the brown...I am a bit of a brown fabric-a-phobic but I am trying to improve...I will let the layout mellow for a couple days before I decide whether to change it.

Just for interest I thought I would add the photo of the table runner where some of the scraps originated from. The runner in this photo is missing the final end borders... I can't find a finished photo of it, and I have given it away... honest it's not a UFO!!

The pattern for the runner is out of the book Skinny quilts and table runners edited by Eleanor Levie, and is great fun to do.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

UFO Update 2!

Yeh....Update 2...still putting the binding on the quilt I showed in the last blog...that is a night time job in front of the telly, so will be finished soon!

Here's another top ready to go to the quilters...this quilt is made from a jelly roll of the Botany range by Lauren and Jessi Jung (Moda). The top has only been hanging around since January so it's not a true "UFO", but I decided it could come into this blog under the guise of "UFO Prevention".

This pattern is from the book Batiks Inspired by Bali. Design Originals by Suzanne McNeill
Sorry but I can't attribute the pattern, as I copied from a quilt that was hanging at the quilter's and she couldn't remember where the pattern came if anyone knows I am happy to edit this post later. I have added in the white sashing and the outer borders.

Happy sewing this weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April UFO update number one!

Number one presumes there will be more than one post on this subject this month...its very important to start out positive...don't you think?

So firstly we have a quilt that just walked through the door this afternoon, back from Bold Quilting, I won't show it all until I have the binding on, but you can see it's a bit of a zinger, even though this photo was taken just on dusk it's still trying to sparkle! The quilt top I finished in January 2010!

And I thought I would throw in this random Wheel block in the UFO category, as I have been stitching away on it  (off and on) since last September...I am not like my mother I hand stitch veeerrry slooowly. But I finished it this week. Yay!

This block is a part of the Sue Ross Block of the Month from Material Obsession, which I started at the beginning of 2010...and I am up to my second last block...woo hoo...I will blog about this BOM separately soon.

Have a happy sewing weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Quilt-a-longs are such fun...I shouldn't have started anymore new projects but I couldn't help it these are so cute.

Firstly there is Lily's Quilt's dresden plate quilt-a-long, the block size is massive, it's around 30 inches, this is what I have done so far, I think it will be just the one block:

Not sure if the brown and white spot is going to make it through to the end...we shall see.

The second distraction...sorry quilt-a-long is Freshly Pieced Supernova quilt-a-long this one is a great colour play opportunity and will be about 62", a nice gift size. Please go to the blog and check out the finished quilt, it is lovely.

Of course I shouldn't have started either of these because I have the centre piece Block-a-plooza to complete, and there are a few other quilts that are languishing in a dark cupboard, so I have done a deal with myself...over this month I am going to spend time finishing those quilt tops that really don't require much effort to complete, and I will get them to the quilters, so then it's just the binding to be done.

It's all well and good making promises to oneself,  but where's the time coming from! Well just a bit a day is the plan, and a 5 day long weekend that is coming up this month. So if you see any finished quilts here this month, they will be the ones that have been released from the dark cupboard!!