Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vintage Holiday quilt-a-long

Before a quilter can start a new quilt-a-long they should make an attempt to catch up on other quilt-a-longs they have started...right?

Remember this one? That I embraced enthusiastically late last year...the Blogger's BOM...

There are twelve blocks in a month...and I have done nothing on this since the beginning of the year....block 12 is due to be posted on the 25th of this a big spurt of sewing is required to  catch up...well may be a small spurt to start with would suffice :)

Block 5 "Sands of time" by QuiltDad

Block 6 Star block by Diary of a Quilter

Quite pretty together I now my homework is done I can move start on the new Quilt-a-long Vintage Holiday...blogged about here.

My fabric stack for this project looks like this...

I am not sure if I will use all of them, but it gives you the idea of the palette the quilt will be made from.

Block 1...see the scissor print, I bought that as a fat quarter from Big W(Aussie variety store)...fancy that!!

Block 2

These little christmas ornaments are going to look very cute, 2 down...10 to go!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just for fun

The other day, after having a little day surgery done (removal of a mole from behind my ear) my mum decided I needed cheering up with a little colour, and bought me a couple of colourful fat quarters...

Nothing like a bit of yellow and orange to cheer oneself up...particularly paired with a spot and a bit of text....

So where are we going with this? Back in this post,  I mentioned that the kit for the "Sunburst" Quilt (Making Quilts ...promise of joy by Kathy Doughty), may be in my cupboard. I have been a bit scared of the all those pointy points and circular circles, so I busted out the templates from the kit and decided to have a go.

The block has come together surprisingly easy, and my points seem to be pointy!

The centre was a bit fiddly, but I am confident I can master it with better pinning, sewing the large circle into the floral background was very straight forward because it is a larger circle...

So maybe I should start on the kit!!! Sixteen's a bit of a commitment! I might think about it for a bit more :)