Sunday, November 25, 2012

Houston - Power of the Machine

As I walked around the International Quilt Festival I marvelled at the intricacy of the work that the quilters have achieved, clearly masters of the machine.

First and second place in the Merit Quilting sponsored by Bernina caught my eye for obvious reasons, first place Super Star by Marilyn Badger really shone with it's pops of green and blue, and up close the detail in the quilting was way beyond anything I have ever attempted!

and second place Five Bar Blues by Diane Loomis, attracted my attention with it's simple piecing, but intricate quilting.

But what about this beauty, Fiesta Mexico by Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin

This quilt won the Master Award for Innovative Artistry sponsored by Maywood Studios (a prize of $5000)

Check out the machine embroidery on Adventure Awaits by Sue McCarty. My eldest son is a big Lord of the Rings I wanted to show him how it translated onto a quilt!

Of course it is always quilts with pink or red that catch my eye...

 Apple Blossom Dance by Maggie Weiss

Leaf like Life by Dalia Eliraz

La Serrenata by Ann Horton

Digitised embroidery, and hand long stitch...lovely

Last but not least there was lots of great quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild on display, this one is Building Bridges by Jacquie Gering....make sure you pop over to their web site to see all of their quilts that were at the exhibit.

I could go on with these example of machine quilting...but I will stop now :) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Houston and back again

OMG what a trip! So many quilts, so much fabric, so much walking! Prepare for a big blog post :)

It's hard to know how to start describing the International Quilt Festival at Houston. As my first trip all I wanted to do was soak up the atmosphere, but there is so much to take in. Mum and I went every day for four days and we still didn't see everything!

First of all the halls are huge, and there are so many people, so all you can do is look at what is right in front of you, that way you don't bump into anyone :)

Here's what the food hall looks like at lunch time! This was only half of the hall, there was that many people again to the right of me.

On the last day after the tour buses had left I wander around just taking photos of how big the halls where! This first shot is of the hall is where all the quilts were, and the second photo is where all the retail stores where...the lights on the dark ceiling give you an idea of how deep the halls are!

Apparently 60,000 people visited over the four days the show was opened.

Enough of fact and figures! How about the quilts!

Wow....some of the quilts

Of course there was the Best of Show America, Let it Shine by Sherri Reynolds, my photos really don't do it justice....there are better photos over at Dutchbaby, and for the really curious there is a 5 minute youtube video to watch of Sherri Reynolds being interviewed, this also has some great close ups of the quilt.

There are thousands of Swarovski crystals that have been used, the words of the Gettysburg address quilted around the centre star...

Check out the back... it was all done a 20 year old domestic machine....impressive!!

A list and photos of all the winning quilts can be found over at the International Quilt Association website.

There was such a great variety of quilts, but I am a real sucker for quilts done by Japanese quilters, mainly because their eye for colour is so different, and the level of detail in their hand work is of my favourite quilts that had the most impressive hand work was The Twelve Days  of Christmas by Osami Gonohe, who won Third prize for innovative applique.

Aren't those little Santa's so cute?

 Busy elves....

The little white dots above the rooftops that look like snow are french knots...

I spent quite a lot time looking at this and it still kills me that the quilt is hand appliqued, and hand quilted!

One of my favourite quilts from the show that has a more modern feel to it is Majestic Tulips by Chizuko Kojima.

I love the use of the velvet and satin which makes parts of the quilt glow...

The colour palate is interesting....and again the quilt is hand appliqued and quilted.

In fact I don't normally do brown (actually not at all) but I did buy some yardage of the brown text print above....who knows maybe I will make a brown quilt!

And yes I acquired some other fabric...all I will say about that is...I bought my husband a new suitcase at Macy's which I was able to fill for the return trip. I will put together another couple of posts over the next week with some of my other photos.