Thursday, January 2, 2014

So this is 2014….

It still feels a bit like 2013!

As per blog etiquette, I thought I would post a 2013 retrospective on my quilting….I use the word quilting very loosely, because when going through my projects over the last twelve months, I realised that I have only in fact quilted two things!

Scrappy Trip

So here's the thing…. I love piecing….that's the bit about sewing that is therapeutic for me! So I have any number of quilt tops done….but the quilting only gets done when it is "for" something….so the quilting I did in 2013 was for the guilds exhibition…note: I did get a highly commended for my Peppermint Sparkle quilt (sorry had to brag...again)….and it is going for a visit to Quilt Conference in Melbourne in April I think.

So this morning I got out all my 2013 quilt tops and hung them out in a line for a photographic session....they looked pretty good I thought!

Which ever way you look at them….

Introducing in order from left to right, is my Bonnie Hunter scrap baskets

My Anna Marie Horner feathers….

The Orange Sunburst fun runner…this is actually an interloper because I realised after I had taken the quilts down that it is a 2012 finish…and still un-quilted…fancy that! But while we are talking the Sunburst quilt….checkout this one that Victoria Finlay just finished…quilted and everything!

The next is the Retro-astic quilt…note it has additional borders now? This was a late finish on New Year's Eve (day).

And lastly the Made in Cherry which I posted about early this week.

So yay me….would have loved to have done more sewing in 2013 but you can only do what you can do :)

So of course...quilting resolutions for 2014 sew more less fabric....and to quilt more quilts! Do you have any quilting related resolutions for this year?

Happy New Year !