Friday, March 23, 2012

Echino Star

I have been reflecting lately about when does a Work-in-Progress project become a UnFinished Object? As I have so many unfinished projects around...just quietly... it gets me down from time to time, and I have to given myself a good talking too!! I do love the creating side of quilting, pulling all those yummy fabrics and playing around with quilt designs.

So to head off the "UFO Blues" I have decided to have April as an UFO worked quite well for me last April, to have a big push to get quilts finished, as there are several public holidays in April.

This lovely Echino Star quilt falls in the UFO category, the top has been finished for TWO years waiting for me to hand quilt it with perl thread....

Yes, it would look lovely with perl thread, but come on, after two years I haven't done it...and there are sooo many other things I want to do... I have decided to get this quilted by our local long arm quilter. And besides,  I have a new lounge this quilt is going to look great on.

Can't believe it has taken me so long to make that decision, it really is a no brainer!! How fab are these the owl...

love the piggies...

Now to sew up the backing and choose the next quilt to work on!

Happy weekend sewing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crossed block top...done :)

I got up to my last crossed block on Saturday and realised I hadn't taken any progress this easy tutorial over at The Long Thread describes it really is a very straight forward process...I love sewing without having to match up corners and edges!

This last block was even more fun than just sewing strips together....because I was too lazy to get up and cut more strips I used up my leftover bits and pieces.

As my progress shots need to piece up a 12x12" section...

Trim it, and cut into two pieces 5x10" and 5x6"

Take the 5x6" piece and add two 3x6" pieces of background and cut it in half.

Sew those two pieces to the 5x10" piece....that's the block...go make as many as you like...

I made 10....very happy with to quilt!!

Yield: 50x50" quilt
Fabric: Denyse Schmidt fabrics from a variety of ranges, Background Kona Natural
Tutorial: Crossed Block The LongThread

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Red and White Folly

Back in January, when I was on my 5 week break, I had this great idea to take part in a new quilt-a-long, the Just Takes 2 quilt a-long, and as the name suggests, the idea is to make a quilt with just two colours, so I choose red and white....and every two weeks from the 1st of January,  a set of blocks would be published, the first set was six blocks, the second set was 5 blocks, the third was 2 blocks, the fourth was 5, and the fifth set was that's 22 in total why have I only got 7 done?

Mmmm, that's an F for keeping up, but never mind, I am very happy with what I have done....

Yes, that's needle turn applique!! This block is 7.5" I am loving the Annie's Farm Stand print in this :)

 These four are all 6.5"

This one is 10"

This last one is 12.5"

So the blocks are all different sizes, it will be really interesting to see how they all go together! I must get back to this, but I have been distracted by all those Daisy Mae fabrics, I bought last weekend! More about those next time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daisy Mae - Yummy

Check it out.....Mum and I have been waiting a while for this range Daisy Mae by Denyse Schmidt to come into Spotlight....Mum spotted the bolts on Friday behind the counter, and it was Sunday before we could get back to Spotty.

When we went back on Sunday the bolts were still behind the counter!!! What's going on doesn't anyone else want to buy this range in Darwin!!!

Anyway we put on our nicest customer voice and asked if we could look at the fabric, we were allowed to go behind counter and we arranged everything by colour, then decided we loved the whole the range....

The blues....note those very sophisticated greys....

The greens.....

The oranges...and I especially loved the couple of reds....

We were slightly restrained...we only bought 1/2 meter of each most of the fabrics, and have made up our own "little" fat quarter packs!

What to do next! So many little time! Have I said that before?