Monday, April 4, 2011


Quilt-a-longs are such fun...I shouldn't have started anymore new projects but I couldn't help it these are so cute.

Firstly there is Lily's Quilt's dresden plate quilt-a-long, the block size is massive, it's around 30 inches, this is what I have done so far, I think it will be just the one block:

Not sure if the brown and white spot is going to make it through to the end...we shall see.

The second distraction...sorry quilt-a-long is Freshly Pieced Supernova quilt-a-long this one is a great colour play opportunity and will be about 62", a nice gift size. Please go to the blog and check out the finished quilt, it is lovely.

Of course I shouldn't have started either of these because I have the centre piece Block-a-plooza to complete, and there are a few other quilts that are languishing in a dark cupboard, so I have done a deal with myself...over this month I am going to spend time finishing those quilt tops that really don't require much effort to complete, and I will get them to the quilters, so then it's just the binding to be done.

It's all well and good making promises to oneself,  but where's the time coming from! Well just a bit a day is the plan, and a 5 day long weekend that is coming up this month. So if you see any finished quilts here this month, they will be the ones that have been released from the dark cupboard!!

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