Sunday, April 17, 2011

Work Avoidance!

As a distraction from my "UFO Month" I am participating in a swap over at 15 minute play. The idea is to only use scraps and create a 12x12 inch mini quilt by May 16th, and then send this mini quilt to your swap partner. 

My swap partner is way over the big blue sea...can't say which one because it's a secret! So I have dusted off some old scraps.

And I played with the scraps last night and I came up with this ...

Not sure about the brown...I am a bit of a brown fabric-a-phobic but I am trying to improve...I will let the layout mellow for a couple days before I decide whether to change it.

Just for interest I thought I would add the photo of the table runner where some of the scraps originated from. The runner in this photo is missing the final end borders... I can't find a finished photo of it, and I have given it away... honest it's not a UFO!!

The pattern for the runner is out of the book Skinny quilts and table runners edited by Eleanor Levie, and is great fun to do.

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  1. Lovely to see all your good efforts Stacey - I can vouch for the table runner as a gift because it lives at my house. Next time you come for "tea" you can take another photo. I love that you are trying to overcome the "brown phobia" at least one member of the family should see the potential in all colours.