Thursday, April 7, 2011

April UFO update number one!

Number one presumes there will be more than one post on this subject this month...its very important to start out positive...don't you think?

So firstly we have a quilt that just walked through the door this afternoon, back from Bold Quilting, I won't show it all until I have the binding on, but you can see it's a bit of a zinger, even though this photo was taken just on dusk it's still trying to sparkle! The quilt top I finished in January 2010!

And I thought I would throw in this random Wheel block in the UFO category, as I have been stitching away on it  (off and on) since last September...I am not like my mother I hand stitch veeerrry slooowly. But I finished it this week. Yay!

This block is a part of the Sue Ross Block of the Month from Material Obsession, which I started at the beginning of 2010...and I am up to my second last block...woo hoo...I will blog about this BOM separately soon.

Have a happy sewing weekend!

1 comment:

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