Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quilting delay :(

In my last post I posed the question whether to quilt my lovely bluebirds quilt...

After much consideration, and I even purchased 8 yards of this yummy fabric...Kaffe Fasset Asian Circles.

I decided to NOT quilt, even now as I am typing I feel disappointed that this lovely quilt top is not going to be quilted yet, but I am going to quilt some smaller quilts to enter in the exhibition in September, and once that is past I will consider if I am ready to to do the big quilt....well I have one less barrier now...I have the backing!

So what have I been up to?

Well I tidied up my sewing room...I had so much STUFF out it was impossible to even think, let alone sew! This is my room tidy :)

I have started quilting a top.....remember this quilt...from the Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins book Applique Outside the Lines with Piece O'Cake Designs.

Well it's going to be quilted soon.....I have made a good start...

And after my oh no moment with Mrs Billings in April I have fixed up my strippy borders and got my diamond border on....

And another border since these photos were taken....all hand sewing of course...

Last, but not least, Mum and I did a two day "workshop" with Karen Styles, which included a tour Karen organised of the Victoria and Albert Quilts from London, which are currently on display at the Queensland Art Gallery, so apart from the fab quilts from the V&A (more on that shortly), we got to see alot of the quilts from Somerset Patchwork and the Mrs Billings quilt again, and it was great to see what the other ladies on the tour were working on.

Our visit to the Queensland Art Gallery to see the quilts that are tour from the Victoria and Albert Museum was fabulous.....really fabulous, if you are in Brisbane between now September you MUST go....for something to whet your appetite on these quilts, check out this link, the Art Gallery has provided short videos on eleven on the quilts, describing the history of the quilts and provided close up photos....the clam shell bed hangings are amazing :)

If you have a look at the videos, remember that most of the work is whip stitched, even the most intricate appliqué....quite fascinating.