Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a boy.....quilt

In December (last) I bought my 6 ft, 13 year old son a queen size bed...he then informed me that the new bed would need a quilt....wish he had told me that before...I might have got him a king single instead!

This request coincide with me borrowing Cherry House's book City Quilts from the club library...and I loved it so much mum bought me a copy of Christmas (clever mother!)

The quilt that caught my eye was the the City Shops (inspired by bar codes) the shades of black, grey and white reminded me that I happened to have in the stash cupboard a bundle of Kona solids that ranged from black through to blue and white, and I thought boy quilt!

Whist the pattern came together beautifully, I must admit that I found it difficult just working with the boy blues and greys, so I had permission to slip in some narrow bands of colour, and then my son decided it needed more colour! Yikes!

The quilt needed to be wider than the pattern in book, so I suggested I make the extra columns in shades of red (yes I have the red Kona bundle too!) and my son says "No Mum that's a warm colour, you need to use a cool colour!) So as you can see I used my green Kona bundle (yes I have a green one...just for a complete record I have one in aqua as well but that's it)...

 And as there is so many fat quarters in a bundle I pieced up 16 of them for the back.

The quilt then took a trip to Denise at Bold Quilting, and I think she has done a great job...the quilting design adding an army camouflage look to the back...which is just right for an army cadet!

What I want to know is, how come my 13 year old knows about cool colours and warm colours? I didn't know until I was in my 30's! Maybe I am slow learner?

I am thinking that now I have used my blue and green Kona bundles that perhaps I should get a yellow one...there is pink too!

P.S My favourite part of this post is that I made my two teenage sons stand on a trampoline in our front yard and hold up the quilt for the photos...there was quite a bit of "Hurry, Mum this is embarrassing" but they still did it...good boys!


  1. The quilt looks great Stacey. My grandsons look very handsome behind the quilt - a good thing they are tall. Yes - I think you should get the pink and yellow fat quarter bundles as I need to borrow some for a quilt of my own.

  2. Such an amazing quilt! I love it!