Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing my favourite quilter....

It's time to talk about my mum. I mentioned in my profile that she is one of the people that inspires me.

Mum loves reproduction quilts and fabric, but every now and again she breaks out and loves everything else! Which is what I am going to show you today. She currently has two hand piecing projects she is working on at the moment.

The first is this pastel number, using Mrs March's collection "The Thirties", sourced from our favourite local fabric store Dragonfly Fabrics.

The little holes in the paper is where you pin the fabric to the template until it is tacked down. The thing about Mum's piecing is the size of the stitches....yes I know hard to see aren't they!

This will be a lovely quilt!

Now just in case this is all a bit too pastel for you, this next project is a bit of an eye popper, Mum bought this pattern from Material Obsession but is by Flying Fish Kits

Now the close up from behind....see those stitches! For the uninitiated the big stitches are tacking stitches and get removed.

Mum tells me that she used 1.5" squares and has folded them over 1/2" templates....I have so much too aspire to....but I think I am a way off 1/2" hexies! This quilt is going to be a stunner especially with the use of the Japanese Naomi fabrics that are included in the border.

That's all from Mum now, soon we are going to have a look at some of her reproduction quilts she has completed. One of which now belongs to me, yes I am lucky!

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