Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update: Let's get quilting!

Well, I think I got in about 10 hours of quilting this weekend, if you don't include "crowd control" measures, such as stopping teenagers from shouting at each other, or the dog barking at neighbours, or a quick run to the shop for milk, and other miscellaneous distracting activities that happen when you live with four people and a dog!

After quilting for a while the invisible cone of silence descended, and most of the afore mentioned distractions were blocked out...so much so that the quilting thread has almost run out, yikes!

My quilt has a number of these little "butterfly bubbles" which I have free motion quilted a flower around them. It's quite enjoyable to do this small circular motion quilting, it's the larger areas that stress me out!

From the back of the quilt!

Whilst quilting this weekend, it occurred to me that there are another two items in my trusty machine quilting arsenal, the most obvious one is my Built-in Stitch Regulator (BSR) foot, I can't get over that you need to unplug the machine pedal for the foot to work, it's quite liberating only to have to concentrate on moving your hands in order to quilt.

The last item in the quilting arsenal is the self threading needle, for all those quilt threads to be pulled through and buried into the quilt. Some quilters like to run their stitch down to a small stitch and then snip the threads off, but I don't trust those threads not popping after the quilt is washed, so I prefer to knot and bury the threads...I have to say it is the least most interesting part of quilting!!!

I am off to start doing some more burying threads and quilting! Have a good week.

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