Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration: Red and a bit of pink, and a little orange!

Because I don't have enough commitments (joke!) I have joined a bee...the 4x5 Modern Bee to bee precise!

What's a Bee? Well essentially it's a block swap... I will be put in a group with five other people (we will be a hive!), and we will swap blocks four times a year and by the end of the year I will end up with 20 unique blocks....that's all I know about how it works! But that sounds pretty good to me!

When enrolling in the bee I was asked to choose my favourite three colours and put together a mosiac of photos that inspire me. Can you guess my favourite colours? If you guessed Red, Pink and would be correct!

This is the mosiac, made up of some of the projects on Flickr that caught my eye.

1. Pincushion, 2. Favorite little Quilt Swap- Mini Quilt Detail, 3. Waverunner Quilt, 4. Tillia's Quilt, 5. Block a Day Red, 6. Dollies Online Month 7, 7. Wonky Star Quilt - Pieced Together Bee, 8. Detail, 9. ** Double wedding ring I, 10. Log Cabin Patchwork Quilt top, 11. 008 Bouquet, 12. Farmer's Wife #59, "Night & Day"

I love this mosiac why not put a mosiac together of quilts that I have made over the last few years, and a couple of personal things that fit this colour theme!

1. Polka Dot Tree, 2. Impulse Purchase, 3. Inspired Georgia Tulips, 4. In Fabric Land, 5. Japanese X and + block, 6. Happy Birthday to me, 7. Hearting Pink, 8. Cherry Blossom, 9. Kim Diehl Blooming Vases

Mmm... lots of red and lots of pink...but I am not in a colour rut! Besides there is not much red left in my stash, but I have loads of pink, I hope someone in my "hive" wants pink blocks...maybe I need to make a couple of girly quilts.

Life is crazy busy for me right now, I am still quilting away for the exhibition at the end of July, it's school holidays, my sister is getting married in three weeks and I am Matron of Honour. I prefer to call myself "Best Bridesmaid", otherwise I feel a bit old! But it's all good crazy, not bad crazy!

What are your plans this weekend? I will be busy quilting...oh yes, and folding origami flowers for my sister's wedding :)

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