Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's get quilting!

Yeah, it's a three day weekend! Saturday I ran around like a mad thing, trying to get as many messages done as possible, and I am hoping to settle in for a big quilt-a-thon for the rest of the weekend. This is one of three quilts that need to be finished for my guild's exhibition in the beginning of August, I won't blog about this quilt until after it is exhibited.

I have organised myself with my favourite tricks of the "trade", my can of spray starch, and my all purpose gloves.

The spray starch is used to spray on the sewing machine bed to make it slippery, and the quilt glides more easily, especially important for free motion quilting, and the gloves have a non slip surface to help your fingertips grip the quilt as it is moved around while quilting.

I have started doing a little embellishment in the centre of the quilt, I am using a King Tut variegated blue thread, it's very pretty.

Now I just need to decide on how to do the rest of the quilt! Happy quilting this weekend.

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