Monday, June 6, 2011

So many quilt-a-longs!

Since starting blogging this year, I have been wasting spending time in blog land, I am quite fascinated with all the online quilt-a-longs you can participate in. Just this week, these QAL's (blogland speak!) have popped up:

And then there is the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long based the book by Laurie Aaron Hirt, I like the look of this book...(Mum, do we have the book?)

And then there is this one...Japanese + and x block, check out this tutorial, and this Flickr group and of course I just had to do this!

Great way to use scraps and I have a smallish collection of novelty and print fabric that this quilt-a-long really fits into nicely...

It's very addictive...hard to stop once you get started...and if you have three exhibition quilts to finish by the end of July and 412" of binding to stitch down by the end of the week, you really shouldn't start at all!!

But a girl's has to have some fun...right?


  1. Well done - the blocks do look lovely - but you do need to focus on some of those other deadlines that are coming up.

  2. In answer to the question - do we??? have the book Farmers Wife - short answer no. As it is sometime till your birthday you may have to buy it yourself.