Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crossed Block Quilt All Done

It's June already! In fact it's almost half way through June, May has completely passed me by, and so it would appear half of June! I have been getting bits and pieces of sewing done, but no big bursts :(

One of my bits and pieces is my Crossed Block Quilt, which I finished quilting in April, I was trying to get it done for the Bloggers Quilt Festival but missed the "boat"...boo hoo...now it has the binding on and has taken it's rightful place on my brand new red lounge...lookin' pretty good :)

Although, it might be a bit small, should I make something bigger? Or maybe some pillows... blue perhaps...or red and white...what a decision !

Very happy with how my quilt has come together...'specially luvin' my binding using the big red check from the Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairground range.

Lessons learnt from making this quilt:

1) Don't sew your cream blocks together with a neutral bone, which is darker than the cream...but you knew that right?

2) When using a light background be extra diligent on trimming back dangly threads...other wise you get to quilting the last row and notice that there is a big long clump of dark threads that you have successfully quilted through, and now can't get out without masses of unpicking (no, I didn't...too slack!)...but you probably knew that too :)

Essential details again:

Yield: 50x50" quilt
Fabric: Denyse Schmidt fabrics from a variety of ranges, Background Kona Natural
Tutorial: Crossed Block The LongThread


  1. What a wonderful quilt!! And it's all ready for the next Bloggers Quilt Festival!! I noticed the great binding straight away, great choice!!