Saturday, May 19, 2012

Retreat report

What a great time we all had at Mount Bundy, there was lots of laughs, lots of food, and most importantly lots of sewing... but no horse riding!!

Despite spending months planning what I was going take, including cutting out two projects, I changed my mind at the last minute (go figure) and took the Piece O'Cake project from my last post...

I managed to move it along from having one block ironed down, to getting all four blocks ironed down, each block is about 18"... the final quilt will have a flower/star in the center to cover where the stems meet, and there will be a border as well.

I had brought the right threads to start button-hole stitching, such great planning :) So I have all the brown stems button holed, and the button hole stitch on the pink flowers has been started, it is coming along very nicely! The thread used is King Tut, I like the way it defines the stitch.

But of course I couldn't stay working on just one project, I had to start on something else...maybe I have a Quilters version of ADD....well as mentioned earlier I had spent a lot of preparation time cutting....I starting sewing together another project....I will tell you more about this one in another post!

All the ladies were very productive and kindly stopped sewing to say a big hello to you all...

Judy and Jenny

Deb, Belinda, Judy and Judy

Jan, Colleen,  Robyn and Robyn

Jane, Lyn, Bernadette and Jackie

Chris, Barbara, and Kaye

And Christina in the colour almost can't see her! Christina's quilt is the one on the left of the screen, it's an eye spy quilt with a twist....Christina has carefully chosen and collected all the pictures to begin with a different letter of the alphabet...this is a quilt for her grandchild, and she will embroider a square for the centre with the child's name on it....a lovely quilt for a young child.

The other two quilts on the wall belong to Lyn, who cleverly avoided having her photo taken by me! No, not really...she is behind this quilt!

This is another version of the stash buster quilt I blogged about a couple of posts ago, they do come up nicely, must get mine together!

So there you have it, we had a lovely time, aided by the lovely food cooked by Jenny, Judy and Jane, and the good organisation from Jan, and her helpers.

And I just had to include this sunset shot of the billabong....Can you feel the serenity...

Happy quilting this weekend :)

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  1. It all looks wonderful!! I'm off to a retreat next weekend. I haven't figured out what projects to take yet... I love the look of your WIPS, great fabrics. So nice of all the ladies to say hello, Hello Back ladies!