Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Pink time again!

The local club was meeting a couple of Saturday's ago, to do a Fat Quarter Stash Buster quilt....as you would expect I have plenty of Fat Quarters....so how to choose where to start...I have a lot of pink, so it seemed obvious to use up some of my pink stash...this piece was my inspiration piece...

So pretty, it's an Alexander Henry that's been in the cupboard for too many years.

Matching pinks? Too much pink? I only needed 12 fat quarters, but I threw some extras...just in case :)

Now cut up and sewn up into a 18.5 inch block! So much cutting!!! So much sewing...I have made 12 of these blocks. (P.S. Do you like my new vinyl plank flooring?)

All laid out....but I didn't use much of my japanese ladies :( Enough left for another pink quilt :) This last photo is taken with my iPhone....so I will take some better shots when it is all sewn up...

I am just trying to decided whether to put some sashing in between the blocks, or just go for the rich pink/raspberry look...any suggestions?


  1. I love this!! It's so much fun! I would just sew it up like that with no sashing.

  2. I like it without sashing. It's beautiful! Has a sort of kimono effect.

  3. wow - love the colours in this quilt and that asian girl fabric - very cute :)

  4. Never too much pink in my opinion. I vote for no sashing, it looks great the way it is! Stopping by from Lily's link.