Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peppermint Sparkle - Centre done

I don't why, but it has taken me 4 days to sit down and post these's almost time for the weekend again, and more sewing...yeh!!!

In my last post I showed all the bits of visoflex Vliesofix I had prepared, they were all the petal and leaf shapes that were needed to build this design. I got out my Kaffe pinks and started playing around....

It's fun playing around with Visoflex Vliesofix! ...

It's like an instant creative fix!

Next on this quilt is the borders, then I can do my quilt sandwich and start the raw edge applique...maybe I will do that this weekend! 

Late edit: Vliesofix is an iron on fusible webbing with a paper backing, so you can trace your template onto the paper side, roughly cut out shape, iron it on to your fabric, precisely cut out your shape, peel off the paper and iron it to your background fabric,  ready to be machine appliqued....I think there a number of similar products with different names, but Vliesofix seems to be the most common fusible web  in Australia, so that's what I call it!


  1. i don't know what visoflex is, but you make a pretty quilt with it.

  2. This is so fresh and different.

  3. Love the fabrics. I googled visoflex and came up with something to do with cameras. That can't be right!