Friday, September 16, 2011

Can I cut this?

I never thought I would say this...but I don't know if I can cut this fabric!

It has been so busy at work lately, I have been rushing from meeting to meeting, when I am not in meetings, I am organising meetings...but the other day, in between meetings, I was halted in my rushing tracks! In the window of an indigenous art shop was this fabric...

So I had to make an on the spot decision... buy or keep on rushing? I knew it would not be there when I was eventually able to come I bought it! Well I had was pink!

The lady in shop very efficiently processed my payment, and put the fabric into a brown bag, and off I went to my next meeting...I only got teased a bit about the brown paper bag, something about mafia payments...

This gorgeous fabric is a cotton base cloth printed with a lino tile design, and hand painted flowers in acrylic pigment, by Helen Lanyinwanga of Babbarra Designs Maningrida, and of course it is a one off!

Maningrida is a small aboriginal community on the north coast of Australia...approximately 300-400 km east of Darwin.

So now I have it...can I cut it?


  1. No no don't cut it! Make it into a whole cloth quilt - maybe quilt around each flower or quilt some Aboriginal motifs into the spaces between each flower. I love unique fabric like this!

  2. It is GORGEOUS! No, I don't think I could cut it -- like Bronwyn says, a whole cloth quilt. And those flowers look like inspiration for appliqué!
    Congratulations, great purchase!

  3. Yes it is gorgeous and I can see why you had to make an immediate purchase. Know I realise just how busy you have been when you didn't even tell me you had purchased such stunning fabric. Do you have enough to share with your mother?