Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bow - Wow...Max and Whiskers

In a brief break from blogs featuring pink fabric (Thank Goodness! Some of you are saying!), I had the pleasure of participating in a 12 hour "Quilt-In" with the local guild yesterday...the Darwin Patchworkers and Quilters...there were about 15 hearty souls to start dinner time the numbers had dwindled so there was room to stretch out...I don't get to many of the guild's meetings so it was great to catch up with everyone and meet newer members.

I had changed my mind a hundred times over the last couple of weeks, as to what I should work on, then fate intervened, and the sister of my son's girlfriend, had twin boys on Thursday....Hamish and Lucas 2.25 Kilos and 1.75 kilos tiny....they were 35 weeks old when born, and one of the boys had some breathing problems but the doctors said he would be fine. All of my children weighed around 4 kilos, actually the second child was 4.5 kilos, so big in comparision!

Anyway I digress...I love obviously it is the perfect opportunity to make baby what is a great pattern to use when you are chattering at a 12 hour sewing? The split nine patch of course (sometimes it is called the Disappearing Nine Patch). Check out this charm pack and companion yardage of Basic Grey's Max and Whiskers.

How cute is this fabric? I made up 5 blocks (using 20 charms squares) using the white as the posts...

It looks very snazzy all sewn up....

Then I made up another 5 large nine patch blocks using an ochre for the posts....

The backs are pieced up, so it's all ready to pin and quilt....I probably could have pushed on yesterday and got the pinning done...but I think I was talking too much!

The quilts are 37" x 30"...if you like this pattern and haven't tried it yet, check out the tutorial here or here. Actually if you google disappearing nine patch there is so many links...including a youtube video!

Breaking News.... Over at Canton Village Quilt Works there is going to be a free Block of the Month over 12 months, it includes quilters from Australia and's calling me! Help!

Canton Village Quilt Works

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