Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday update - Scrappy Trip Along

WARNING: Colour Overload in this post :)

Since last weekend I have been sewing up a storm, these blocks are so much fun, I was making 16 but I expanded to 24, seeing as there no real shortage of fabric in my scrap boxes!

Of course I was spurred on by the fact I am using a new-to-me sewing machine. I recently bought a second hand Janome Horizon, but of course the machine is only two years old so it is like a brand new one. It's been 25 years since I have sewed on a Janome and I have been enjoying it.

It still is surprising me how all the different fabrics play nice together...

The blocks that had the strongest diagonal row are the ones that have worked the best.

And I just love the yellow in the blocks.

Hope you all had a "sewy" weekend !


  1. I love this! So mine is going to be very scrappy too. I was just thinking alternating light and dark, but would you advise making one of the darks extra striking? Did you purposely do that or it just worked out that way? Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Love your trips! Hoping to start my own trips this week! Thanks for your tip on the diagonal.

  3. Wow - super fun!
    great blog I'll be back often