Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrappy trip top done!

My first top for 2013...waa-hoo....very happy with how it's turned out...

Nice colour close up....

and another's very easy to get good photos with lots of light and bright colours :)

What backing should I use?

What shall I do with my scraps?  How come there are still scraps at the end of a scrap project?

Seeing as the scrappy trip block tutorial was done by Bonnie Hunter....I raided my local quilt library (mum's house), and borrowed Bonnie Hunter's latest book....String Fling....Bonnie has quite a few publications, and they all have loads of great scrappy and recycling ideas!

This little block caught my I have found a new scrap project for the scraps!

And of course I had to start "stringing" straight away...on pages from last year's telephone book.

I am making up 32 of these, and 16 of the little basket blocks...will report back on this soon!


  1. Fabulous bright colours! Your trip-a-long looks great and those strip blocks are lovely too :)

  2. Hi Stacey,

    Your quilt is delightful. I love all the pretty prints in there. Looking forward to seeing your new project evolve.

  3. I like your Scrappy Trip! And I think I would go with the yellow backing. Such a happy fabric.

  4. I love your scrappy trip around the world! I made one several years ago,, and you think you are using up the scraps and they keep multiplying.. same with a spiderweb quilt I have going.. I keep a bucket of scraps beside my sewing machine.. I keep making blocks,. but the box is getting fuller...It's a bonus!

  5. The colors on this are wonderful! Bright and cheery yet still subdued -- looks great!

  6. Love your scrappy trip. I just started on mine, and I think I need to work out some container for scraps right by my sewing machine. I had a jar, but that will be overflowing very soon.

    Can't wait to see what you use for those center basket blocks on your new quilt.

  7. Your scrappy trip-a-long looks great! Love all of the bright, happy colors!

  8. Congrats on your first top! It looks great!

  9. Looks great! I love fun scrappy quilts.

  10. Your scrappy trip looks great! And good for you starting another scrappy quilt. Are you on instagram? There's going to be a scrappy quilt-along each month! That's why I'm also working on the scrappy x and + blocks...