Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

As I watched the news last night, I reflected on the diversity of our landscape, we have towns flooding along the east coast of Australia, in Queensland, and towns threatened by fire in Victoria. There is three certainties for summer in Australia, floods, fires and cyclones!

My family and I have just returned from a three week holiday, mainly in Tasmania, and I am ashamed to say it was my first trip there, what a beautiful place, but unfortunately not without the summer blight of fires, in the south of Tasmania one community lost 60 homes, all up this particular fire burnt out over 120 homes, but no lives were lost, testament to the organisation of the Fires Services, professional and volunteers.

Being Australia Day I would like to share some the photos from our tour of Tasmania, the diversity in this one little island is amazing.

The view from our home stay just outside Davenport

Sunset at Strahan, on the west coast of Tassie

Sarah Island, accessible through the Gordon River, was built by convicts in the 1800's 

West Coast Ranges....we were on our way Strahan, we were quite high, it was blowing a gale, there was snow up here in the beginning of December!

Nelson Falls

Just love the texture and colour of it a moss or a fern?

Wine Glass of the top 10 beaches to visit in the world...a 3 hour return walk up and over a mountain is the only way to access it....not for the faint nearly killed me!

Look at that fabulous seaweed

The beach gets over 200,000 visitors a year, so this wallaby is quite used to people, and it made my son (15) and my daughter's (12) day that it would sit so close and be really was just there to scavenge food but I didn't want to burst the bubble.

Richmond just outside of Hobart...this house looks like it belongs in England

And of course what holiday is not complete without a trip to a quilting shop!

This beautiful store is inside an old chapel, and just fabulous, both the building and the fabric of course!

So if you are ever in Tasmania make sure you go to the Quilted Crow in Hobart, not just for the fabric, but to admire this very special building.

I am now running late to go sewing with my guild, the first decent run my sewing machine will have had in 6 weeks....I am going to be sewing all day....and then home to do a family BBQ for 17 at many thing to do!!!


  1. I've never been to Tassie either but would love to go. You're photos make it even more tempting. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Happy Australia day, oh thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful part of the world. some day I hope to visit and yes a trip to the quilted crow is on the list of places to go!