Friday, July 20, 2012

Yummy colours...two small distractions!

I have been a bit distracted this week with a couple things from online land....not hard when it comes to the world of of the blogs I like to follow is Anna Marie Horner...firstly, it was because her fabrics are awesome, and yes a few of them may be in the stash cupboard...and secondly she doesn't confine her creativity to fabric design, she also does some beautiful embroidery work and tapestries...can you see where this is going...yes one of her tapestry designs from her online shop has appeared in my mail box :)

Isn't it fabulous....loads of lovely woolliness here...

Check out her blog post on the finished item, and some other designs she has coming out. Can't wait!

Now I have been a bit quiet on the quilt-a-long front this year...too many other commitments! But I have caved in to this one....The Vintage Holiday quilt-a-long...hosted by the Fabric Mutt (great blog name!) the perfect project to have ready for Christmas!

Fabric Mutt

It's a pattern by Camille Roskelly (Thimbleblossoms) can get the pattern as a PDF version from her shop....for US$7.95

I have been through the stash and pulled some fun fabrics out...

The little vintage style floral is my inspiration piece...I have not used any traditional christmas fabrics but I think it should be lovely and festive anyway!

Are you interested in joining in? It starts 6th August...plenty of time to get organised :)

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  1. Ooo You have some pretty things going on... Love your holiday fabric choice!!