Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soul Searching - Pink and Orange

Here we go, as promised from the post last week...I have been playing with my pink and orange scraps this week, and making good progress with these blocks.....I am really getting the hang of this project now.

The deep pink of this block is probably a really good reflection of the quilts I make, and how I love this strong shade of pink....I had no problem in finding scraps to make up this block.

The  important thing to note about this photo is my fantastic new turf that has been down for nearly 8 weeks and is looking lovely and luscious!

Some of these pinks are so hot they are almost red!

Turning down the volume slightly to my orange block, the sun had started to go down when I took these shots, so the colours aren't sparkling like the pink block...but you get the idea....

Using the variety of lights has been a very interesting exercise...I had very few light scraps...don't know why that I pulled all the lights from the stash, and have been cutting and cutting...

The orange block is quite fun, I didn't have that many orange scraps either so had to raid the stash cupboard again....made a monster mess!

Have put what's left of the light and orange fabrics back in the now off to play with my blue scraps and make a brand new mess :)


  1. looks is a fun project isn't it?

  2. This is really beautiful!! Your photos are wonderful and I'm drooling over your stash! nice turf!!