Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crossed block top...done :)

I got up to my last crossed block on Saturday and realised I hadn't taken any progress this easy tutorial over at The Long Thread describes it really is a very straight forward process...I love sewing without having to match up corners and edges!

This last block was even more fun than just sewing strips together....because I was too lazy to get up and cut more strips I used up my leftover bits and pieces.

As my progress shots need to piece up a 12x12" section...

Trim it, and cut into two pieces 5x10" and 5x6"

Take the 5x6" piece and add two 3x6" pieces of background and cut it in half.

Sew those two pieces to the 5x10" piece....that's the block...go make as many as you like...

I made 10....very happy with to quilt!!

Yield: 50x50" quilt
Fabric: Denyse Schmidt fabrics from a variety of ranges, Background Kona Natural
Tutorial: Crossed Block The LongThread

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