Thursday, November 10, 2011

4x5 Modern Bee Swap - blocks received

Warning -  Small Whine: Did you know mail from the U.S to Australia is soooo used to take about 7 working days, now it seems to take 14+ working days, very frustrating...does anyone know why it has changed in the last twelve months?

The reason why I am whining about this is because I have participating in this fun swap on Flickr, and most of my partners are in the U.S...they would all be on Flickr saying how beautiful the blocks were that they had received and I would be waiting waiting waiting for mine to show up, but just when I was starting to worry that they were lost, they would appear in the mail box!

And I can say it was worth wait....I had said my favourite colours where red, orange and pink...and my partners have responded with blocks using red, orange and pink!

I have enrolled for another round of this swap....well... who makes a quilt with six blocks? One with 12 will be much better!!

1 comment:

  1. The blocks you received are all lovely. I love the colour combination.
    It took almost 5 weeks for my scrappy swap parcel to arrive from the US. I have no idea why it is taking longer but it is fristrating.