Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tropical Run up to Christmas!

Yes, it's getting very tropical here in Darwin, Australia....loads of humidity and high temperatures...my new lounge room aircon is getting a good work out!

I have been having some success with getting projects done...my christmas checkerboard is quilted and looking nice and flat!

My garden is putting on a show, getting ready for the festive season!

Poinciana Tree

Double Hibiscus

Elephant Ear

Purdy Frangipani

Now don't go thinking I am some sort of gardener...I am too busy sewing...but luckily these plants grow like weeds here, and I enjoy them all the more for having put no effort into them...aren't they the best sort of plants!!

One Christmas project done....off to organise the Angels....Tammis Angels!


  1. You are organized, love the fabric choices in your project. It's getting warm here too, I think spring has disappeared already. At least the humidity isn't too bad yet.

  2. The flowers are beautiful!

  3. Love love love your checkerboard! Such great Christmas colours...nothing beats traditional red and green :)