Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Since we last spoke.....

Since we last spoke....

I have packed up two quilts for the 2013 Darwin Quilters Exhibition...this weekend!!

Done loads of hours quilting and binding....I also discovered a new form of RSI, which I am calling "Quilter's Leg" which is what you get when you sew with your foot on that pedal for 8 hours straight.

Been to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and stayed in an awesome "French Villa" and drank way too much champagne, and ate way too much food.

Found a yarn bombed tree....I love this sort of public art...

...maybe I should knit up a couple of these for my palm trees :)

Hubby had a birthday....

...and my frangipanni tree grown from a friend's cutting has flowered for the first time.

So Darwin Patchworkers and Quilter's exhibition opening is tomorrow night....woo hoo....cant wait to see what everyone has been doing....and cant wait to get back to Mrs Billings, and what other project takes my fancy....wooo hooo :)

And if you are in Darwin this weekend head on down to Stokes Hill Wharf, and the exhibition is open for viewing from 10am Friday to 4pm Sunday.

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  1. Looks like you've been having a great time enjoying life!! I hope you show us photos of your quilts hanging in the show. Have a fun weekend.