Monday, September 16, 2013

Loads of quilts - part 1!

As promised some photos of the exhibition.....

The winner of Territory Quilts 2013 was Chris Knights with her quilt "When I am feeling blue - I quilt!" A lovely quilt with lots of details, and unfortunately a blurry photo...grrr hate it when that happens.

A more detailed shots of the lovely appliqué and beautiful stippling.

There was over a 100 entries in the exhibition obviously I can't show them all, so I decided to share photos from the friendship group "The Bay Babe's" that I am a part of....firstly let me introduce you to Doreen...

"Special Reminder" 180 x 180cm Doreen loves using aboriginal fabrics and earthy colours.

The owl fabric was printed in the Northern Territory at Nomad art.

"A Long Way" 197 cm x 182cm, fabric was purchased in Intercourse, Pennsylvania U.S.A and looks great in this Cherry House design "City Tracks"

"St Columbia Falls in March" 56.5 x56.5, started in Lisa Walton workshop that explored fabric painting, foil rubbing, and beading....wish I had taken a better close up so you could see the lovely quilting....This quilt was a winner in the Art Category

Now meet Annie...."Spring Time in Tuscany" 252 x 252 cm

.....check out Annie's minature Japanese Girls this is 33 x 32.5 ( approx. 12" square) !

Introducing Mary...."Toddler's Trail" 164 x 133 cm....Mary found these hexagons at the op shop.....when I go to second hand shops I never seem to find the good stuff! Mary's quilt won "Best Use of Colour"

"Inca Rheas, Patagonian Prancer" 45 x 45cm, a batik souvenir purchased in Southern Argentina, embellished with free motion quilting and Lumiere fabric paint.

Introducing Shelley....some of the ladies in the group have been having a lot of fun with organic dying, when we get together there is usually a hot pot on the go, full of one or more of the following... rusty anything, onion skins, purple carrots, native plants leaves and flowers....and who ever wants to dye throws in their silks. Shelley's quilt is made from hand dyed fabrics, and is embellished with gold machine embroidery....the black background is also silk...very lovely.

"Rivers of Gold" 225 x 225 cm

"Oriental Dreams" Miniature 49 x 37 cm

Now, I do have more to I will be back in a night or two with some more....but as you can everyone is doing some different, and we all like lots of colour !