Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mrs Billing's...oh no moment!

Over Christmas and the last couple of months I have been plodding away on my Mrs Billings project, that I started last October. For new to me visitors, this is the end product, yes I have a long way to go....

I was hoping to have a ta-dah moment this post and share my progress by having my first diamond border attached...

but after hand stitching away on Sunday afternoon, I had an oh-no moment instead when I finished this little stripy border...

Spot what's wrong with this picture....should there be a very precise 1/4 inch over hang here? And after lots of head scratching I realised the answer is NO!

I pinned the strip on a 1/4 inch out on both sides, making the border 1/2 inch shorter than it should be...no wonder I had to ease the fabric as I was sewing!

And then I remember having the same easing issue on the first stripy border....yes I measured up and you guessed it, it was out by 1/2 inch too...I have done mitres before....I can't work out how I made such a dumb mistake...grrr....it really hurts to unpick hand stitching!

Other progress to share is my hexie flowers...I did these while travelling in Tasmania in January.

So cute don't you think? There will be twenty eight of these little beauties....

I am committed to doing this project....I am not going to put it away...I have made a pact with myself to have the borders out to the first diamonds done by the end of this month....


  1. Your hexies are so sweet. And this project is going to be beautiful. I'll follow you so I don't miss anything here.

  2. I can just imagine your frustration having to pick out stitches, but just imagine the result when fixed! You wont regret it!.. Like the hexies too.

  3. I admire everyone who does hand stitching! Your Mrs Billing's looks great so far as do your hexie flowers. Keep up the work!
    Greetings from Austria via WIP Wednesay

  4. Good morning! I saw your comment about hexagons over at buttons and butterflies. Yes they are addictive. I've been doing various sizes for 12 years! Your quilt will be amazing. Carry on ; )

  5. Holy COW! Handsewn?!??!?! Amazing!!!!

  6. I have been playing with the idea of doing a Medallion quilt for a couple of weeks. Now having seen your wip I desperately want to do one. Your medallion is incredible.

  7. I came to see the hexies since I'm still in hopes of soon learning how to do them.
    Are they going on the quilt?

  8. Wow, this is a huge project! Little by little....the end result will be amazing.

  9. LOVE the pattern, and your colour choice is spectacular. Keep going - I'm anxious to see the finished product - it will be beautiful, it is already!