Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunburst Orange Fun

Back to my fun I blogged about last month with my Sunburst template, I decided to run up another two blocks after the first one went so well.

The second block was very snazzy with the pink and orange stripe...really love that stripe :)

Check out the funky toile with the skeletons...sorry I can't remember the name of the fabric :( but I did get it from FabricWorm

The third block has a funky vibe as well, with the Flea Market yellow floral and the strobing black and white spikes...did a bit of "auditioning" for my center...the floral wasn't quite right...

But the orange with the yellow spot was better...

These three blocks will make a great table runner...

Or maybe one of those outdoor banners?

Just joking about the outdoor banner thing...I think I will put on narrow border and bind it a black pin stripe and a table runner it will be!

Look out real soon for a big catch up on my Blogger's block of the month!