Friday, September 21, 2012

Something a bit crazy

Last weekend I did a workshop! A two day workshop, on a completely fabulous quilt....but for me it is something of a crazy project....this will be what they call a "slow boiler"... apparently the average elapsed time for completion is 12 months!

The Mrs Billing's Coverlet, you can find the original quilt online at Britain's York Quilt Museum and Gallery, and the pattern was drafted by Karen Styles (Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, Melbourne). Darwin Patchworkers and Quilters bought her to Darwin specially for the workshops.

This quilt will be made from Denyse Schmidt fabrics, of which I have many, including the new Chicopee range.

Day 1 was spent choosing fabrics and cutting out little triangles, and sewing them together by hand.

Day 2 was spent choosing more fabrics, and making up hexagons! Yikes...tiny little 5/8" hexagons and little diamonds ! The only sewing I got done was stitching the little diamonds together in the center

It is looking very fetching I think!

Eventually the centre will look like this

I am going to do all the borders on the machine, with the obvious exception of the hexagons. I am not sure whether I am committed to do the whole quilt, it is 94"x 94", and apparently there is over 6000 pieces....starting to get the crazy part now? I would like to do the first hexagon border, so we will see how I feel about the rest of the quilt then!

Despite feeling a bit intimidated by the complexity of the quilt, the templates and instructions for the quilt are easy to use, and of course with Karen's tutelage over the two days makes you think anything is possible!

If you get an opportunity to do one of Karen's workshops go do it...go and challenge yourself, you will be surprised how a good technique can make a "complex" pattern easier!

Karen has just blogged about her visit to the Territory...check it out here!


  1. Looks like quite a large project! It looks great in your chosen colors (like it better than the original!).

  2. This is going to be amazing!! Just think Slow and Steady, enjoy each part as you do it and it'll happen. Using DS is a great choice!!

  3. Hi Stacey, I bought this as a BOM from Karen months again. Maybe I should start mine now and keep it on the "Slow Boil" list.

    Have fun.

  4. Hello Stacey, Good luck with the project. This quilt is also on my wish list. But I forced myself to finish up all my UFO's before I can start with this one.
    I love it that you will use the fabrics from Denyse Schmidt!

  5. Dear Stacey, I think using the Denyse Schmidt fabrics is an inspired choice and makes me want to start this BOM as well. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. It is beautiful.

  6. Love your choice of fabrics for Mrs Billings. I have made about 20 hexies - ( yet to be posted) I will keep an eye on how you go.:-)

  7. The colors and fabrics you picked for this project are so beautiful. it feels like I am looking at a romantic poem. This is going to be a stunning quilt!
    I love your other projects too! Very cheerful and fun :)