Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink Scraps quilt top done :)

For those of you who have been reading my blog for last little while, will have noticed lots of pink happening, and particularly pink scraps, whilst I was attempting to keep up with the Block of the Month Quilt Challenge over at Bumble Beans.

Anyway, I fell behind early in the piece (fancy that), and I decided to repeat the three blocks I had already done, three times, the deadline to show the quilts was 18th January, and I missed that as well, but no matter because now....

I am a little excited, I have just this minute finished ironing down the last border of my pink scraps quilt top, and it's looking quite fabulous! Well at least I think so....everyone else might think it's a hot mess (colour pun)!

I have used a Brandon Mably print - Regal Dapple for my sashing, I went out of my comfort zone to use this, and I am surprised how much I like it...I guess I shouldn't be that surprised I had two meters of it in the stash I must I have thought it was a good thing when I bought it!!

I finished the last of my blocks on Australia Day (last Thursday), so now I just have to decide how to quilt it!

Do you like this shot? I stood on top of the outdoor table for this one...lucky the table is solid wood! The quilt top is 48" square, sorry not to have a better whole quilt shot but it is very windy and overcast today, so inside, where I could hang the quilt, the photos aren't that good.

Anyway if you think this interesting, pop over to 15 Minutes Play and check out the other challenge entries, and the winners.

What I liked most about this challenge was the randomness of only using scraps for the blocks, which has given each block a different look, and the process of "making fabric"...sewing scraps together...I enjoyed and it is certainly a technique I would use to play with some more scraps!


  1. I think it looks wonderful, I would be very excited if that was mine.

  2. It looks great! Please post this at 15 minutes, and in the flickr group! I love how yours sparkle! I love a good SPARKLE! ;-)

  3. I loooove this!! Great choice with sashing - love the stars in the sashing too and I'm sorry - I'm going to have to 'borrow' your example of the flower block - I have already got flower scrap blocks (from a bee) and not knowing at all what to do with - your block may be it!!!!

  4. Very, very nice. Purple spots for sashing and stars at intersections - very inventive. Pink blocks are lovely too.

  5. Your quilt is very bright and fun. Love it.

  6. I love how those pinks stand out against th dark background!

  7. Okay..I love your blog!! You and I have the same taste in fabrics..I just love that you are doing your Blogger BOM in reds!!! Perfect!! We need to follow each other, I'm pushing the follow button now!! I look forward to getting to know you!!! I'm so excited another Kaffe fan!!! Hugs