Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soo Pretty dresden plate!

Just a quick mid week update...a little while ago I signed onto the 4x5 Modern Bee swap, blogged about here, and I have decided that the block I would do for everyone in my "hive" is a Dresden Plate. I have had an acrylic template to do one for a while, but was a little bit the weekend just gone was time for a dummy run, using some of my favourite colours I now have my first ever Dresden Plate.

Once trimmed up the block size will be 12.5", the blades are 4.5" wide. The centre is button holed and the plate is appliqued down with a straight stitch. To stabilised everything before sewing, I used a spot of Roxanne glue (liquid stitch) on the blade points and around the centre to keep everything nice and flat before sewing.

The block came together quite easily. The only thing that I will differently for my swap blocks is to make sure that my bobbin thread is the same colour as my top thread, because it is popping through a little on the button hole stitch.

I am thinking that this weekend I might start my christmas sewing with this pattern, using christmas fabrics of course!

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