Monday, July 25, 2011

Released from Quilting Jail!

It feels good to be out....but what to do next???

My achievements since my last blog...three quilts bound, threads buried, and hanging sleeves stitched down and quilts delivered this morning! The exhibition is this weekend.

These are my lovely quilts that I will blog about over the next week...

                           1. Red Hot Basket, 2. Pam Holland Christmas Beetle, 3. Pink Blooms

One eleven year old birthday party arranged and enjoyed....

Bouquets arranged for the bride and bridemaids (no I am not a florist!)

These were some of the flowers I used, my daughter had played around on my phone and downloaded the Colour Effects app onto my iphone...I love this monochromatic background...note the patchwork books on bookcase!!

And of course one sister married and happy!

Here we are, just before we went to the church, Jess is wearing my veil, which a friend bought for me from an antique shop in the U.K. 23 years ago...I am not sure how old it is, it looked lovely on the day...I got to be a "matron of honour" although my sister kindly called me "Best Sister" in the wedding program. She is not normally that much taller than me, I am in flats...check out the shoes she wore!

And the Home Sweet Home quilt, has finally gone home, and the giving of it brought on a few tears.

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, but personally very rewarding. I think I might have a few days of reflection before deciding what project to do next....I did get the Farmer's Wife book so I am very tempted to join in on that Quilt-a-long, I also would like to do something with my Japanese + and x blocks, and I still haven't quilted this quilt, which I had planned to put in the exhibition but ran out of time...decisions....decisions...oh yes and there is a bit of housework that probably should be done too...bah humbug ;)

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