Monday, May 30, 2011

The Letter M...all quilted

Well I am feeling good, I began this project on Friday night and finished it Saturday morning, and it has already been gifted to it's new owner...11 year old Mikela, who proudly showed me her two other purple cushions her Grandma had made her and her purple quilt! Nice to know the pillow is going to a quilt luvin' home!

Do you like the wonky checkerboard border? I started the cushion thinking I would put a string pieced border around the "M" but then realised I had cut all my pieces to big, and there would be too much waste.

So I decided to do a checkerboard with a "no maths" twist. First, I cut a whole bunch of rectangles 3x6" (I used scraps from my scrap box), then I pieced them together with the edges being mismatched. 

Sew together as many as you need for your borders. Be careful to alternate your fat and thin ends otherwise you could end up with a big snake shaped strip! (TIP: If you end up with a big snake you will need to unpick a seam or two and flip pieces around, otherwise you will lose too much of your border when you trim up).

When your strip is the right length, trim it up to be 5.5".

 Trim back your mismatched seams to a regular 1/4".Then slice the strip in half length ways.

And then mix up the halved strips so you have mix and match need to worry about matching the seams, in fact the more unmatched they are, the easier they are to sew together.

Sew the strips together and attach to your block, and trim to the right size.

That's all there is too it! If you found these instructions useful, or even confusing, please let me's the first time I have written up a "how to" blog. 

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