Saturday, October 20, 2012

Up, Up and away

Guess what? Today, Mum and I are flying to the U.S. for the quilt festival in Houston...

But first we have 9 days in New's my first trip to the U.S., the woolies have been dusted off .... Mrs Billings' triangles cut...and reading glasses purchased, as sewing all those little hexagons has strained my eyes!

Last week I tried really hard to get my vintage holiday quilt finished...but with getting ready for the big trip I just couldn't get it done...but so this isn't a quilt free post I thought I would share progress...

Finally pushed through my fabric paralysis and selected a little Denyse Schmidt print for the sashing and border...

As you can see it almost done, only the top and bottom borders to go...they will have to wait now...till I get back from Houston...oh so to you in November :)

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  1. Oh my golly, Houston! And New York!!! How exciting!! You and your mum will have the best time!! Take lots of photos to share with us.